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I am going to play poker this weekend, so I thought I would share with you a secret that many of you would like to know. This is how to get free chips at the World Series of Poker. I am talking about is a free game for entertainment purposes and does not imply any kind of real money game. offers the thrill of the Online World Series of Poker to eligible Nevada residents and visitors where you can enjoy Texas Holdem, Omaha, 7 card stud and other great varieties of- from the comfort and convenience of your home, or wherever your laptop takes you, within the limits of the Silver Whether it’s an online session, a cash game, or a satellite for a live event, there is always something to satisfy players of all kinds at the WSOP. And it also licenses its brands in real money gaming jurisdictions, including the UK, France, and Italy. Now comes the secret part which is how to get free chips in World Series of Poker.

There are multiple options to get free chips at the WSOP. • First, free chips are offered every four hours of play. To claim it, you will need to log into the game and click the “Collect Free Chips” button in the Lobby. The higher your level, the more free chips you will receive in your 4-hour bonus. • If you choose to play with your Facebook account, you are offered $ 250,000 in additional free chips.

Get free chips using promotional codes.

Promotional codes are seasonal codes with which you can collect free tokens. Stay tuned to the Facebook page or join their Player Lounge for new codes. Using WSOP redemption codes as they launch can get you free chips. • I like the Facebook fan page you can also get free chips. So follow the Facebook page closely and make sure your notifications are triggered to level up or secure those free WSOP chips • You can also get free chips by viewing the World Series of Poker Game – WSOP fan page, which offers free chips to answer questions, click a link on the vacation page or play.

Once players start playing in the WSOP, they are awarded a status that awards rewards based on that Starting in bronze, players get a welcome bonus of 20,000 with bundles, status points, and free chip bonuses that work As you progress to silver and bronze, those multipliers change along with the welcome bonus amount. There are also other bonuses, gifts and support options for these states. • Spin the mega bonus wheel to get your winnings once. • Inviting friends to play can also win you over 50,000 free WSOP chips. • Players can also reserve their seats in specific tournaments on the Facebook page in the events tab. By going to the event page, you can get some of the free chips from the WSOP. World Series of Poker Free Chips is an original live high-risk poker tournament with international players.

The game of poker is generally played in Texas Hold’em format, which is one of the most popular sizes for this game. Due to its popularity, the game has quickly become a Facebook game, as well as the WSOP application for mobile devices.

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